I’m specialiced in the treatment of

  • childrenHappy child
  • women
  • pregnant women
  • women in the Menopause

Especially the treatment of children with ADHD, problems in school, with insomnia or other problems with homeopathy is super-efficient and you can avoid to give your children medicine with heavy side effects.

Pregnant women often have the problem, that they can’t take „normal“ medicine anymore to avoid damage to the unborn. Here homeopathy is a a big help to reduce pain efficiently without side effects.

Women in the menopause have often heavy problems as sweats, depression, increase of weight, migraine and others. Here homeopathy can be a very good alternative to improve life-quality again.

Gesund dank Homöopathie
Healthy thanks homeopathy

I also advise always to control the values of hormones, because often the lack of progesterone is the reason for all the problems. There is a absolute natural solution for this problem and the woman doesn’t have to take replacement hormones with hard side effects.

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